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I love teaching. It makes me feel good and forcing me to learn as much as possible on the technology at hand... And if I can do that while making others better at what they do... well, that's just the perfect thing!

So... I have a few courses I conduct all the time (average of 1-2 a month) and I bring them to you here. If you're interested in a course for yourself, for your company, or as a gift for your parents' anniversary - let me know via the contact form. I can customize courses for your needs and can also travel to anywhere in the world.

This page is updated once in a while with new/updated courses. Check it out every now and then!

My courses

  • Web Development with JavaScript, TypeScript and AngularJS (5 days)
  • Web Development with TypeScript and AngularJS (4 days)
  • Web Fundamentals - HTML, CSS and JavaScript (3 days)
  • Mastering JavaScript (2 days)
  • Mastering CSS (2 days)
  • Mastering TypeScript (1 day)
  • Mastering Bootstrap (1 day)
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