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Keyboard not Working inside VMWare Fusion

Lately I switched to use a Mac machine after an entire life of using Windows. It's cool, the machine is awesome (MacBook Pro 13'), but... the transition is nowhere near smooth.

One of the things that have been driving me crazy in the last few days was that the keyboard stopped working inside my Windows 10 machine that I run on top of VMWare Fusion.
Everything worked great on OSX, but inside the virtual machine keyboard was just ignored.

There was nothing to find on the topic on the internet. One post I came up with was from 4 years ago and blamed Firefox 3. Yes, 3! (we're at Firefox 42 at the moment...).

After some trial and error I found a solution. It's stupid but hey, it works...

The Problem

You're using OSX and VMWare Fusion with Windows 10 on it. Your keyboard works great on OSX but it is just ignored inside the Window machine.

The Solution

Inside the Windows10 virtual machine:

  1. Open Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard
  2. Turn on On-Screen Keyboard
  3. Once the keyboard loads, click on some keys. Then try the actual keyboard - it should work now.


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